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Open House Etiquette For Sellers

Posted by Harriet on February 8, 2021
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Hosting an open house can be a nerve-racking thing. Having a bunch of people pour into the house and inspect every inch of it, it can be a little bit intimidating for anyone. But how should you act during this whole venture? We will be going more in-depth on some proper open house etiquette as well as tips for making the whole progress go by that much smoother. You shouldn’t have to worry about open house etiquette, for the most part, it’s very straightforward. Let’s dive into the first part.

Leave The House

You are going to be cleaning and preparing for this open house and for more people at once than you’ve ever held. It is not uncommon for sellers to leave the house while there is an open house and overall it’s not a bad idea. The point of an open house is for the patrons of it to envision themselves inside the house and it would be very difficult to do with you just standing there.
“I tell my sellers not to be home during the open house,” said Marla Yost, a top real estate agent in Arlington, TX, a Dallas-Fort Worth suburb. “I want buyers to start envisioning themselves in the home, which is difficult to do when the current owner is hovering in the background.
Not only that but the buyers won’t feel comfortable voicing their true opinions with the seller standing right there, it’s best just to give them some space.

Don’t Drop In Randomly

You might be wondering how well it is performing but you have to fight the urge to go and check. There has been a huge investment of time and money into selling this house and the last thing that needs to happen is for any outside factors to interfere with how it’s going. Play it safe and wait for your agent to text or call you to tell you that it’s safe to return. This is a major part of open house etiquette.

Take Your Pets Out Of The House

No matter how cute your pets are, they can be more detremental than not. Besides they are coming to see your house, not to be bombarded by your animals. Not only that but you don’t know the allergies of everyone who will be coming over so if someone with allgeries comes over you can almost guarentee they will be out of there without even giving he house a second thought.

Remove Your Cars From The Driveway

“Don’t leave any cars in the driveway, and don’t park them on the street in front of the house, either,” advises Yost. “It looks tacky and makes buyers a little nervous that the seller might be attending the open house.”
Leaving a car in the driveway also takes up valuable space that at that moment in time belongs to the patrons of your open house. If you have vehicles that you won’t be taking out with you when you leave then park them in the garage or down the street away from the property and somewhere you won’t get towed. Maybe ask a neighbor somewhere if you can park outside of their house.

House Prep

Preparing your house is very important for the success of its performance. You need to make sure every room is as close to spotless as possible, get rid of clutter, make the room look at natural and clean as you can so that the people coming over won’t come over to a disaster of a scene. Here is pre-party prep checklist:
  • Close the toilet seat lids and shower curtains in the bathrooms
  • Open up all the blinds to show off your views
  • Turn on lights throughout the home—especially in your darkest rooms
  • Set your thermostat a few degrees below comfortable (lots of guests means more body heat warming up your house!)
  • Turn your ceiling fans on low to keep the airflow circulating
  • Turn off auto-sprinklers, and the ringer for your landline (if you have one)
  • Secure valuables and breakables

Free Refreshments

A good way to show your hospitality is to offer free drinks and/or free food, this is a good way to keep the aspiring owners happy as they look through the home. Whether they are treats you got at the store or some homemade treats, we are sure anyone would be happy to recieve them.

Good Smells

An important part of this prospect is to make the experience as joyable as you can for the incoming visitors and a great way to do that is to ensure it smells as good as possible. You want them to think they are coming into a brand new house and I know it’s hard to mimick the new house smell but you can defiently make it smell better by using febreeze or wall mounted air fresheners.

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